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Like most brewing start-ups Wooden Axe Brewing was conceived in a twenty-liter plastic fermenter in the family kitchen, just two mates making beer. Whilst that first beer back in 2017 was far from the quality we have come to expect from ourselves, it was the start of the brewing passion we have today.


From a kitchen to a garage and now into bottle shops and venues, Wooden Axe Brewing has taken on a life of its own. 


We are the proud winners of Brewers Got Talent 2022 and we have a great deal of gratitude to the team at Frenchies in all their support. In late 2022 we released our flagship and winning beer; Beyond Reasonable Stout, a Nitro Imperial White Stout.​ 


We are excited to share our journey, jump on the socials to keep up to date.


Our Wooden Axe blog gives you a peak behind the curtain and an insight to the inner workings of the brewing world. 

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