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Beer We Go…

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

From a kitchen, to a garage, and now into bottle shops and venues. Wooden Axe Brewing has taken on a life of its own. But how did we get here? And why am I writing this?

When sitting down to pen this…I wasn't sure where it would go. All I know is I have 3 objectives

  1. To give a bit of insight (a peak behind the curtain) in to the inner workings of Wooden Axe

  2. Pay it forward and maybe inspire the next Beer Battler to give commercial brewing a crack

  3. Have a bit of fun.

Being a beer nerd (and brewery nerds) means I have spent countless hours scouring the internet and bookshelves reading, watching and listening to any beer/brewery content I could get my hands on. This a perfect time to shout out some of the folks that inspired us the most; Black Hops Operation Brewery (Both the podcast and book are a must!), Bucketteys Brewing has a great blog outline his journey (Nick even took the time to have a beer with me and share some tips…what a guy!), Build me a Brewery podcast (the insight Chris Hayton provides is invaluable and enjoyable!) and The Beer Healer interviews (Chris Lukianeko’s industry knowledge is second to none). For anyone that doesn't have a background in the craft beer industry that is wanting to, or even thinking about starting their own brand/brewery, the list above is a MUST read/listen! Who knows maybe one day Wooden Axe will find a way onto one of the platforms.

So…how did Wooden Axe get here.

We could go back as far as 2003 when Nathan and I first met in the early days of Year 7, or outline the years of the infamous ‘Off In The Wood’ baseball team, but I’ll skip to the part that includes beer.

Stay Crafty…

Will & Nath

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